The Macomb Early Warning System in PowerSchool is based on triggers to reflect 6 risk indicators: Attendance, Behavior, Grades, Credits, Low ELA Grade, and Low Math Grade.

Updates Every 24 Hours

Macomb Early Warning System in PowerSchool alerts will be updated every 24 hours and displayed on all student pages in PowerSchool and PowerTeacher.

School Setup

Risk levels for each of the alerts can be set individually for each school in the district using a setup screen in PowerSchool.

Student Dashboard

Clicking on alerts in PowerSchool or PowerTeacher will provide rich information in tables and graphs, reflecting the detailed information behind the alerts for that student.

Multi Student Reports

Reports for multiple students can be printed or imported into Excel.  The reports can include all students in the school, a specific selection of students, or all students with alerts.

Alert History

Alert history is maintained to indicate when alert status changes for each student.  The information will be used in future reports to track trends in alerts.