This MISD Form 2 Handbook guides procedures to initiate services and supports for students with special needs in Macomb County.  

The content has been updated for the 2016-2017 school year to meet current practice.

Contained within the guide are the following:

  • Assessment Center Services and Clinics
  • Educational Consultation
  • Support & Related Services (SRS)
  • MISD Center Programs or LEA-Based Classroom Programs  

A final section addresses forms and memos.  It is easy to navigate, with explicit documents required for referrals.

These procedures are for LEA Directors, Supervisors and Center Program Administrators, PSA Special Education Contacts, or their designee, to seek necessary assistance for individual students with special needs.  Any requested service or support requires a Form 2 filled in its entirety, along with the parent’s and director’s signatures.

  • Be sure to READ the service or program requested.
  • ONLY one Form 2 per request for a service or program.
  • All referral documents must be attached to the Form 2.    
  • Use the checklist provided.

Macomb County continues to provide excellent services through the Form 2 process with the ultimate goal of promoting successful instruction for students with special needs.

With increasing options for parents, school-of-choice varies amongst the 21 local districts and PSAs.  LEA/MISD Center Programs and classrooms are not open to school-of-choice options.

If you have any questions, please call (586) 228-3461.

Assistant Superintendent
Special Education & Student Services
Macomb Intermediate School District