In order to determine when an alert should be triggered, each school indicates the settings that they would like to use. The setup for the system needs to be done before the process can be run to find the alerts that have been triggered.

It is important to figure out the person in your school or district who will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the EWS Setup screen.

There is a link to Early Warning System setup on the School Setup page in PowerSchool under the General heading.

Each school building can specify different student alert settings. It is likely that elementary, middle schools, and high schools will all use different settings based on their different schedules, attendance taking procedures, grading differences, etc.

Settings can also be changed during the year for each school. However, a history of alerts will be maintained and they will be more meaningful if the triggers are consistent throughout the year.

Information about the setup for each of the 4 indicators can be found by using the links on the Setup Menu on the left.

The Macomb County Schools Early Warning System for PowerSchool features a school setup screen adopted from the Early Warning System by Tejas Ambani, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license.