The Early Warning System (EWS) is designed to alert administrators, counselors, social workers, and teachers when students have one or more alerts triggers that may indicate problems that need to be addressed. There are 7 alert indicators which are:

 Attendance – based on school days missed, specify number of periods and attendance codes

 Behavior – based on discipline (or other) log entries

 Grades – based on courses with one or more of the specified low grades

 Math – based on one of the specified low grades in a math course

 ELA - based on one of the specified low grades in an ELA course

 Credit – based on credits earned compared to number expected for grade level

 New Student - based on number of days student has been enrolled in the building (up to 21 days)

Not all of these indicators will be used at each grade level. As an example, the Credit Level might only be used for high school students.

The EWS alerts are calculated by a program that runs each night. When an alert is triggered for a particular student, an alert icon displays on their student pages in both PowerSchool and PowerTeacher. Each student may have up to 4 alert icons displayed, based on the 4 indicators listed above.

Early Warning System (EWS) Documentation